As a formal center of learning, the opportunity to bring education and sport together is one of the main areas of focus at URMILA EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY. Along with the direct benefits to the students through improved physical skills, health, self-confidence & self esteem benefits are also associated with skilled and regular exercise. All year round, regular courses in the various sports are run during and after school hours. The focus of this training session is, on overall development in the selected sport, with adequate emphasis on all-round personality development through fitness and nutrition lessons. URMILA EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY proposes to invite a multitude of high-end sports academies for football, tennis, cricket, golf, squash, hockey, basketball etc., to be a — part of its sports education campaign. The URMILA EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY sports academy is a compilation and continuous effort of various such sports agencies who will come together to ensure that top quality programmes are forwarded to the URMILA EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY student who will benefit from such extensive expertise.