This Robotics lab is established and organised by Umaga Robo-Lab ,a fully owned subsidiary of Umaga Technologies Pvt Ltd.


 ● It makes collaboration easier students, teachers, and parents can communicate and collaborate more effectively.
● It helps to build technology based skills, allowing students to learn, early on, to embrace and take
advantage of the tools and technology offers.
 ● It makes learning interesting and engaging, especially for youngers generations raised on the latest technology.
● It allows for faster and more efficient delivery of lessons, both in the classroom and at home.


 Using innovative teaching methods to better serve students and to teach them about the benefits of innovative thinking, does so much more than just “fill the pail” it ignites a passion for learning and provides students with the tools they need to succeed in the innovation economy.
 ● It will create an opportunity among the children to access fun centric learning experience beyond their experience to face the challenges of daily life.
● It helps students bridge the gap between key theoretical concepts and their real world applications; this concepts is being used globally. A strong innovative cirriculum can improve confidence, teamwork skills, inter-personal communication leading them to be future leaders.
● They study the protocols they will use for planning, implementing and reflecting on their projects.