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URMILA EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY strives for mentoring children to be future leaders through excellent teaching methodologies, incorporating unparalleled creative learning concepts, and ensuring mental and physical growth, and hence developing the quality of leadership in every child to drive the growth of the society and the nation at large. URMILA EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY endeavors to transform the entire education scenario of the nation by incorporating extensive measures in shaping the young brains on contemporary and futuristic issues

Vision And Mission


THE UEA  has a clear-cut vision:
  • To continue expanding and exploring locally and globally and be a knowledge leader and content provider.

  • To muster strategies to become a global epicenter of knowledge, culture, skills, technology, research and service.

  • To empower women through education.



Urmila Educational Academy telescopes well with the national policy  on education(1986) which lays great emphasis on developing a national system of education keeping in mind the elimination of disparities in the educational system and provision of more facilities through qualitative interventions, women’s empowerment , access to education to disadvantaged sections and educationally backward minorities and the disabled.  In order to accomplish the mission, the objectives laid down are as under :

  • To provide holistic education by homogenizing the western knowledge while remaining anchored to the Indian cultural moorings.

  • To act as a catalyst of change by spreading education and dismantling the cobwebs of ignorance and illiteracy.

  • To develop individuals who are morally upright, intellectually well informed, socially concerned, emotionally balanced, physically well developed and culturally accomplished.

  • To stimulate scientific temper by crusading against superstitions and outdated customs.

  • To sensitize individuals towards social welfare.

A Legacy Of Leading!

Urmila Educational Academy is one of the most prestigious C.B.S.E School on Basti

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    3 Pillars of Our Success

    Academic Excellence

    At Urmila Educational Academ, our learners achieve amazing things. Recognised as one of the leading school brands in India, our learners enjoy a remarkable range of innovative learning experiences, which inspire and challenge them to be their very best.

    Liberal Arts And Sports Tradition

    We value the role of sports and arts in life. It is an integral part of our student’s learning experience. We believe in the positive benefits of participating in individual / team sports and performing arts.

    Mentor And Guide

    With our passionate, well-qualified and highly experienced teachers and inspired leaders, our students are destined to shine on the global platform. At Urmila Educational Academy

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    The world is changing at an ever quickening rate, which means that a
    lot of knowledge becomes obsolete and inaccurate more quickly.

    News & Events

    The emphasis is therefore shifting to teaching the skills of learning: to picking
    up new knowledge quickly and in as agile a way as possible.
    20 Dec

    Chinese language Study Center

    12:00 PM - 05:00 PM
    At Institution

    Finish schools have even begun to move away from the regular subject-focused curricula, introducing instead developments like phenomenon-based learning, where...

    20 Dec

    English Language Study Beginner

    08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    At University

    Finish schools have even begun to move away from the regular subject-focused curricula, introducing instead developments like phenomenon-based learning, where...

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